Wonderful and friendly nature surrounds us. The seasons, with its rhythms, the “spring” for example, lined with flowers, with soft perfumes that breathe on the earth, inspire the creativity of Marcello Polinesi, artist – floral designer. His professional career is the result of his constant commitment to research expressive synthesis, wonder compositional transferring to his works – installations, suggestions rooted in the origin of creation. Floral culture, the long-term study undertaken, interact with the design of his compositions. Through a clever lights control, shadows brighten up the light and the chromatic effects communicate for sensations that speak to the heart. The care of the setting up, the quality flowers used and the times respect are the strengths of a performing team masterly directed by his creator. References to businesses and public and private instructions are the proof of his beloved work. For Macello Polinesi / Girafiore Natura Artistica / Jean Paul de Mojrel