I was lucky enough to grow in a simple and honest family, devoted to a craft that had to deal with flowers, where my mother was the “florist” happy and passionate and I was a student enjoying the simple and colorful beauty of that environment, but in the end I was not completely rapt.

    The first true look, towards what would have become passion and future for me, took place during a floral international fair; I was there pushed by curiosity for the presence of rare crops and to observe all that was the floral world beyond my usual, it was at that moment that the art, the elegance and the ability of Flower Masters to create wonderful compositions, they left me speechless. I decided to deal with a course of study, starting with basic courses up to the subsequent specialization courses and thematic master at the National School of Mastrofioristi and it was then that my commitment, second only to my desire to learn, allowed me with great satisfaction to be recognized as a professor at the Mastrofioristi Academy.
    I participated in several courses of floral art dedicating myself to search unusual materials addressing my artistic experimentation towards what works on the natural landscape re-creating it while maintaining its authenticity. I subsequently won the prestigious office of President of the International Floral Service IFLORAL School and consequential was the participation in national and international events for private and state companies, this route allowed me to consolidate many business relationships with countries such as Germany, Romania, Russia and the Netherlands and receive prestigious awards. In recent years I have been conducting new experiences on seasons-inspired compositional themes, paying particular attention to their interaction with the surrounding environment, to light sources, whether they are natural or artificial, which phase after phase change significantly a creation.

    The interest, estimate and trust shown by my clients, entrusting me year after year the realization of unique and unforgettable moments, whether they are in Italy or in Europe, are the witness for the only real recognition to my humble and passionate contribution by Master Florist.